7 Essential Eclipse Plugins

Every developer has a list of his or her useful Eclipse plugins. This is my list. This list is not meant to be complete and comprehensive. It is highly biased and opinionated list. There a lot of great plugins out there but this list falls under the “must have” for me personally.

1. Springsource Tool Suite (STS)

If you are using Spring in your development, STS is a must have. Ctrl+Shift+L feature (for quick search) alone is a great reason to use STS in your daily work.

2. StartExplorer Eclipse Plug-in

I found this plug-in to be great for quick access to a file outside of Eclipse. “This plug-in offers tight integration of system file manager (Windows Explorer, Gnome Nautilus, KDE Konqueror, Mac Finder, …) and shell (cmd.exe, Linux/Mac terminal) in Eclipse.”

3. AngularJS Eclipse Plugin

Eclipse used to suffer from the lack of good AngularJS code assist. AngularJS Eclipse Plugin fixes that problem. It is a great small plugin that is easy to install, configure and use.

4. AnyEdit Tools Plugin

Useful utility for working with Eclipse editor. AnyEdit Tools Plugin adds several context menus/actions that allow for quick text transformation and much more. Some of the features as listed on AnyEdit Tools website:

  • AnyEdit can perform tabs <-> spaces conversion on multiple files or entire directories.
  • AnyEdit has both workspace and project settings and allows also file exclusion filter for tabs <-> spaces action.
  • AnyEdit adds four new context menu actions to “Compare With” and “Replace With” menus in both editors and files.

5. Find Bugs

If you want to improve your code quality, Find Bugs is a great tool. Other tools that fall into the same category are PMD and UCDetector: Unnecessary Code Detector.

6. EclEmma Java Code Coverage for Eclipse

Perhaps, one of my favorite plugins. No developer should be without EclEmma. Very intuitive and easy to use EcclEmma is a great tool for checking your tests code coverage. Check your code without leaving your IDE!

7. Wicked Shell

If you like the convenience of having your system’s shell (Linux/Windows/Mac) within your IDE, you will like this plugin as well. As the author’s site states, “Wicked Shell, it’s not a real shell itself. Wicked Shell is an eclipse plugin which functions as mediator between a Runtime process and a SWT Text widget.” It works well enough though that you will not notice the difference.

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