Check whether you have multiple ContextLoader* definitions in your web.xml!

If you are using Spring in your web project and just added Spring Security, you may come across this error message when trying to start the application.

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7 Essential Eclipse Plugins

Every developer has a list of his or her useful Eclipse plugins. This is my list. This list is not meant to be complete and comprehensive. It is highly biased and opinionated list. There a lot of great plugins out there but this list falls under the “must have” for me personally.

1. Springsource Tool Suite (STS)

If you are using Spring in your development, STS is a must have. Ctrl+Shift+L feature (for quick search) alone is a great reason to use STS in your daily work.

2. StartExplorer Eclipse Plug-in

I found this plug-in to be great for quick access to a file outside of Eclipse. “This plug-in offers tight integration of system file manager (Windows Explorer, Gnome Nautilus, KDE Konqueror, Mac Finder, …) and shell (cmd.exe, Linux/Mac terminal) in Eclipse.”

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